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The Debut EP


released January 4, 2015



all rights reserved


TheoTheReal London, UK

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Track Name: INTRO [Pete Rock Instrumental]
Cleaning the waste out of the game, call me the liver,
with the eye of the tiger I got their heads bouncing like Tigger,
Not your everyday spitter, the black and white cat,
Posting explicit lyrics that Pat too afraid to deliver,

My mouth is a double barrel and my tongue is the trigger,
My mind is a lethal weapon, Danny Glover but slicker,
The liqueur sipper, I blaze kush sitting tryna figure
a method of freeing their minds like morpheous did I...

Took both pills so though its true that my head is in the clouds,
suede shoes stay rooted to the ground,
Keep my ear to the streets, and my ass out of beef,
Cause though I know I can hold my own I'm F*#!ing grown now,

Too old already, too bold to ever give up,
I've carried boulders on my shoulders man that shit was heavy,
But through the ages I've made it mentally from the equator up to the poles, so I'm cold, calm, ready,

My arrival strikes fear in the hearts of my rivals,
but the real feel what I'm spitting it brings tears to their eyeballs,
Brainwaves are tidal, swimming in a prism, where materialism the only religion with disciples,

As we follow these idols, as we desire to be
what we're not but what they tell us that we should be,
I feel like we lost our way like Fievel, I'm looking at the man in the mirror like Michael, praying that he can break the cycle.

The viscious malicious methods of the ambitious, twisting up peoples minds so they fear their brothers and sisters.
The benefit of creating a benefit state is that people feel powerless to fight for their political wishes.

Far from being fictitious I'm real,
spreading my message whether you like it or not like a Jahova's witness, refusing to dumb it down for pound notes, these half hearted artists only dream of cleaning up like dishes.

Chase your paper dont get me wrong, but making money aint the only motive that me and my family on,
I'm spitting truth to the youth with these songs, true to my roots, keep it 100 to infinity and beyond.

Buzz Lightyear in Nike Airs I fight fears, put my demons to bed I'm no longer having nightmares,
They asked me what happened to rap I said I'm right here, they told me I'm gassed like I'm talking out of my rear,

I told them this is my year and I'm a keep on popping,
up on your news feed them lyrical bombs are dropping,
flow like Niagara, whack rappers need a Viagra,
tryna go hard but they keep on flopping,

I'm never stopping, I dont care if I'm chart topping,
wearing my heart on my sleeve
on top of the aces I'm ready to pull out if need be,
I'm a eat beats till I see peace or I decease,

Because on these streets where young bucks wanna gun buck mother f*#!ers from when their about 3 feet,
earning their stripes with burners and knifes and no role models around except the clowns on their TV's,

I feel the need to speak. I dont mean to preach I mean to teach,
I'm sick of having our history repeat.
Modern day slavery, invisible shackles and cages,
branded with the mark of the beast!

But me I'm on a mission to free my people like Moses,
parting the sea, burning the bush, crushing the cobras,
What's next for us is an exodus,
a revolution of the mind a destruction of all of the bogus,

Brothers adjust your focus, sisters dont give up hope its the time to make our voices heard, just know that I got your back with this rap shit,
never will I water it down to whackness
I'm giving you my f*#!ing word!